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Beeswax Food Wraps

Save your food for longer and reduce your need for single-use plastic with Suz E Bee reusable Beeswax Waxy Wraps

Looking for ways to reduce your use of single-use plastics and care for the environment? 

small beeswax wraps from Suz E Bee with cheese


Beeswax wraps are an all-natural, plastic-free solution to keeping your food fresh and hygienic.  Suz E Bee Waxy Wraps are highly sought after for their bright fabrics, soft and flexible fabrics that cling tightly and let your food breathe without spilling.

Suz E Bee's range of Reusable Beeswax wraps are all handmade by Suzanne, and contain her signature blend of Australian Beeswax, Jojoba Oil and Tree Resin.

Our beautiful Beeswax Waxy Wraps contain pure Australian Beeswax, sourced from within New South Wales.  

Suz E Bee Waxy Wraps come in three sizes and can be purchased individually or in bulk packs, or you can try your hand at DIY with our easy to use Waxy Wraps kit.

Beeswax Waxy Wraps last for up to 12 months with regular use and gentle care, and can then be composted, or refreshed with Waxy Wrap Mixture to be used again and again.

Priced from just $7.50 AUD (plus postage), our Waxy-Wraps are an easy way to change your plastic habits, save money and reduce your environmental footprint.

Want to know more about how to use your Beeswax Waxy Wraps?

large natural beeswax wraps with sandwich from Suz E Bee candles