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About Suz E Bee Candles

Welcome to Suz E Bee Candles.  

I'm Suzanne (better known as Suz), owner of Suz E Bee Candles, which I established in 2009.    

Following a severe back injury putting a sudden stop to my corporate career in late 2007, I found myself forced to relocate from Sydney to Port Stephens in order to rehabilitate with the support of my parents.

My corporate career had previously been my life so I found myself with very few hobbies and a lot of time to fill.  I needed something to help both my body and mind heal.  Which is when I remembered my Brother gifting me a roll your own beeswax candle kit many, many years previously.  The memory was so vivid that it was as if I was back there in that moment (it could also have been the strong painkillers I was on) and I just knew that’s what I wanted to try my hand at.

I had always burned pure beeswax candles due to my sensitivity to fragranced candles (guaranteed to give me a headache). However, due to the financial situation I found myself in, beeswax candles were now an unaffordable luxury.

This is when I came up with the idea of making my own beeswax candles.  Ten years later, after a lot of wick and mould testing plus two National Beeswax Candle Championships under my belt, Suz E Bee Candles is going strong & getting a larger following each year.

I source my beeswax directly from beekeepers (mostly from within NSW) then bring it back to my hive where I clean and refine the wax before turning it into the candles, beeswax wraps and other products that you all love so much.

As I began making candles, little did I realise that there was quite a science and art to beeswax candle making, and I soon discovered a love of all things Beeswax and started making more and more.

When I decided to make it official, I chose the name Suz E Bee Candles, combining my childhood nickname with the initial of my middle name and the first letter of my surname combined with the type of candles that I create. 

After first starting small, with local markets, I found word of mouth quickly spread and demand increased across the country, so I now offer both online and retail sales via selected speciality stores.

As word spread quickly of the quality of Suz E Bee Candles, I extended my range to include other beeswax products, which includes Waxy Wraps (reusable beeswax food wraps). 

Suz E Bee Candles work closely with their retail outlets and welcomes new wholesale enquiries.

When I'm not busily pouring candles or cleaning wax, you’ll find me working with my crystal collection, with my cat (and partner in crime) not too far away, reading a book, or totally NOT binge-watching something on Netflix.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.