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Can I buy Tea Light Candles without the cups (refills)?

Of course! Just make a note that you’d like refills only or x number of cups and the rest refills when ordering.

How can I get the best and longest life out of my Suz E Bee Candle?

You need to ensure that your candle is burnt in a draught or breeze free area. Break off the very tip of your wick every time you relight your candle. Ensure your wick is straight and trimmed to around 5mm.

My candle has stopped burning properly.

This is usually caused by dust clogging the wick. This can be remedied by extinguishing the flame, tipping the molten wax out. Once it’s cooled, trim the wick and re-light.

What’s the best way to extinguish my candles?

Dip the wick! Instead of blowing your candles out (which leaves them smoking and smouldering, not to mention the risk of splattering molten wax everywhere), using the end of a pen, pencil or a fancy wick dipper. This drowns the wick, immediately extinguishing the candle and therefore, not creating smoke. Don’t forget to straighten the wick again ready for it’s next use.

What's the white cloudy film on my beeswax candle?

This white film, called bloom, is normal and occurs to all pure beeswax. This is caused when some of the components of the beeswax migrate to the surface and will appear a few weeks to a few months after the candle is made. Bloom can be easily removed by wiping the candle with a lint-free cloth, applying gentle heat with a hair dryer, or placing the candle in warm sunlight. Even though the bloom is easily removable, many people desire this effect as it tends to give the beeswax candle a unique rustic look and feel. Bloom on a candle means it's pure beeswax! This is an easy way to verify that your Suz E Bee candle really is 100% beeswax.

Do beeswax candles cleanse the air?

A beeswax candle emits negative ions, these ions act as a "cleanser" for the surrounding air because toxins such as dust, pollen, germs and mildew are charged with positives ions. When the two meet the air is purified.

Are your beeswax candles 100% pure beeswax?

Yes. Every single one of our beeswax candles uses 100% pure Australian beeswax. All beeswax used is purchased from NSW beekeepers. We do not mix any other waxes, oils, fragrances, colours or fillers with our beeswax.

What are your wicks made of?

We only use pure cotton wicks. The only metal component is the wick tab/holder (used to anchor the wick) in our tea light and votive candles.

Can I leave the ribbon on my candle?

As soon as you plan to burn your candle, please remove the ribbon as it is flammable and there for decoration only.

Do you add colours to your beeswax candles?

No: Our naturally coloured beeswax candles do not contain any dyes or additives. The raw beeswax we use comes from the hive as a light golden yellow colour, which we call "Natural" when we refer to the candle's natural yellow colour.

What's the different between poured and rolled Candles?

Mainly burn time and texture. A solid beeswax candle is created by pouring molten wax into a mould. The result is a smooth, dense candle with longer burn times. Rolled beeswax candles are created by rolling foundation sheets (honeycomb textured sheets). Rolled candles are less dense and will not burn for as long as a similar sized poured beeswax candle.

I've had trouble burning other beeswax candles - will I have the same problem with your candles?

Beeswax must be properly cleaned to burn properly. My beeswax is as clean as it comes. I painstakingly clean my beeswax and strain out any impurities — without chemicals or bleach. I use quality beeswax, wicks and moulds and take the time and care needed to ensure that my long-lasting beeswax candles burn well. .

What kind of wicks do you use in your beeswax candles?

We take care to use only 100% cotton wicks for the most healthful flame possible. We test for the best burn quality before choosing the right cotton wick for each of our candles. See our burning tips for more information on how to make your candles last.

Do you add fragrance or colour to your beeswax candles?

We keep our beeswax 100% pure. We do not add fragrances or colourants. Every step of our process is designed to bring out the natural beauty of beeswax.

Why does my Suz E Bee Candle measure slightly smaller than the size stated on your website?

Our candle sizes are based on our candle moulds. We hand-pour 100% pure beeswax into the mould, then the candle shrinks as it cools. Size variations are usually very minor.

What can I do with my leftover beeswax candle bits or scraps?

You can turn leftover beeswax into household goods that are good for you with simple beeswax recipes easily found on the internet. I also happily accept your beeswax leftovers — I clean it and pour fresh candles with it.

What makes beeswax candles better than other kinds?

Beeswax candles burn longer than other kinds of candles and should not drip. Beeswax candles emit a bright light with the same light spectrum as the sun. They also emit negative ions that clean the air and invigorate the body. Beeswax candles are naturally fragranced by the nectar of flowers and honey packed into the honeycomb from which they are made. They come from a 100% natural and renewable resource: beeswax.

What are your Shipping and Returns Policies?

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Where does beeswax come from?

Beeswax is a 100% natural substance made by bees. Bees collect nectar and pollen to make honey to feed the hive. As they eat honey, their bodies make wax. Chewing this wax with a little more honey, the bees build combs designed to store extra honey for the hive.