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Beeswax and Wax Products

Buy purified beeswax and beeswax products directly from Suz E Bee

We don't just make candles!  Suz E Bee also has a range of other Beeswax products that you'll love. 

Whether you're after beeswax melts for oil burners, cleaned beeswax by the kilo to DIY your own candles, lip balms or beeswax wraps.

Suzanne cleans all the wax personally by hand, ensuring only the finest wax gets through her strict quality control processes.  The beeswax is the same high quality that is used to make our multi award-winning candles.

All of the Beeswax used by Suz E Bee candles is sourced from Beekeepers in New South Wales.  

Depending on the season and the flowers the bees have been working on, the colour and scent of the beeswax can vary from light golden yellows to darker caramel shades.  The scent of the beeswax may also vary with the flowers as well.  This is completely normal, and is a good indicator of quality and that the beeswax hasn't been bleached, or mixed with paraffin, palm oils or soy.  

When you buy beeswax directly from Suz E Bee, you can be assured you are getting the highest quality beeswax available.

Our beeswax can be purchased:

  • By the kilo  - ideal for DIY candles, beauty products, surfboard wax)
  • In sticks  - these pre-moulded sticks are the perfect size to get started with any beeswax projects you have in mind - craft, art, furniture polish
  • As melts  - used in place of water in oil burners, they prevent spitting of water and last for ages.  When you want to change scent, just let it cool, slide out and replace.

If you love beeswax  - why not add some to your order and try it for your next art project, beauty products, or for your oil burners?