Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get the best and longest life out of my Suz E Bee Candle?
  • You need to ensure that your candle is burnt in a draught or breeze free area.
  • Break off the very tip of your wick every time you relight your candle.
  • Ensure your wick is straight and trimmed to around 5mm.
My candle has stopped burning properly.

This is usually caused by dust clogging the wick. This can be remedied by putting the flame out, tipping the molten wax out. Then trim the wick and re-light.

What’s the best way to put out my candles?

Dip the wick! Instead of blowing your candles out (which leaves them smoking and smouldering, not to mention the risk of splattering molten wax everywhere), using the end of a pen, pencil or similar. This drowns the wick, immediately extinguishing the candle and therefore, not creating smoke. Don’t forget to straighten the wick again.

Why have my candles started getting a white film on them?

Beeswax bloom is a perfectly natural thing that appears on beeswax candles over time and more so in the colder months of the year. It won’t do you any harm nor will it affect the candle and the way it burns. It’s actually a true sign that your candle is 100% Pure Beeswax. If it does bother you it’s quite easy to remove by either holding the candle in your hands and warming it up or getting out your hairdryer and using it over and around the candle on its lowest setting.

How do I clean my Waxy wraps?

Very gently! for crumbs, just rinse with cold or cool water. If there are sticky stains, use a tiny bit of dish soap and a very soft sponge. Hang them to dry on the dishrack.  Do not use scourers, hot water or the dishwasher or this will damage the wax coating. Avoid using harsh cleaners, like bleach or sprays, and vinegar.

What size Waxy Wraps should I buy?

Our Waxy Wraps come in a range of convenient sizes. - Small - suitable for wrapping small fruit and vegetables like leftover carrot, cucumber, cut apples or avocados. - Medium - the perfect fit for small bowls of leftovers and Large - big enough to wrap a generous sandwich

Can I choose my fabric for my Waxy Wraps?

Our Waxy Wraps are usually made in advance in bulk, and we use a range of bright and cheerful colours. If you have any special requests - please send a message before placing your order and hopefully we can help out.

Is there anything I can't wrap in my Waxy Wraps?

Waxy Wraps can be used in almost every situation you would use cling wrap or glad wrap to wrap your food. The only exception to this is raw meat and fish, as they can't be washed in hot water, as this will remove the wax coating. Fruit and Vegetables are best stored with Waxy Wraps as they are breathable and don't sweat like single-use plastics.  Do not use your Waxy Wraps in the oven or microwave.

Can I use Waxy Wraps to reheat my food?

Waxy Wraps can be used to store food in the fridge or freezer, however should always be removed before heating food in the oven, microwave or other heat sources.

How can I make my tealights last longer?

DUsing a candle snuffer, or metal tool to snuff the wick into the wax, rather than blowing out your candles will make them last longer. When burning, keeping candles away from draughts will also help them last longer.