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Beeswax Melts

Suz E Bee Candles

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Beeswax Melts Beeswax Products - Suz E Bee Candles
Beeswax Melts Beeswax Products - Suz E Bee Candles

Beeswax melts for oil burners

Forget the chemically laden paraffin or soy melts - combine our beeswax melts with your favourite essential oils for a chemical-free aromatherapy sensation.

Put two of these in the top of your oil burner (instead of water) along with your preferred essential oil.  

Using wax instead of water prevents spitting and evaporation (and burnt oil) as happens when using water.  

No added fragrances or chemicals When you want to change scents, just let the wax cool and slide out with a plastic spatula, and replace with a new melt.  Each wax melt can be re-melted again and again.  These last for ages….. I've had mine in my oil burner for around 12 months.

  • 4 x Pure Beeswax Melts

Each melt is fragrance-free - ready for you to add your favourite essential oils.

Some of our favourite oil blends:

  • Relaxation  Lavender and eucalyptus
  • Uplifting and energising (Suz's secret Get Stuff Done Blend)  Orange and peppermint
  • Cleansing and refreshing Lemon and eucalyptus


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