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Blue Calcite

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Blue Calcite

Psychic Abilities - Calm - Communication

Blue Calcite is a soothing stone that calms us & brings about peace & relaxation to our entire being. It resonates with our Throat & Third Eye Chakras and has the ability to energetically inspire & amplify our psychic communication & spiritual gifts. Blue Calcite is also a wonderful healing stone that is often used as a natural sedative after emotional distress or trauma, soothing our nerves & promoting a positive point of view.

Blue Calcite is a stone of communication and mental clarity, helping one to find their inner truth and speak it out loud. It is also a stone of healing, calming and soothing emotions and relieving stress.

Affirmation:  Within me lies all the knowledge and strength I need.

Zodiac :  Cancer

Element :  Fire, Air

Chakra :  Heart, Third eye

Crystal System :  Trigonal