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Chocolate Calcite Bracelet

Suz E Bee Candles

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Chocolate Calcite Bracelet
Chocolate Calcite Bracelet

Chocolate Calcite

Stability - Abundance - Opportunities

Chocolate Calcite opens us to new possibilities in our lives both for personal growth as well as for enjoyment and prosperous opportunities. This is a stone of abundance, guiding us to new ventures while activating our Earth Star Chakra and anchoring our entire Chakra system. It provides us with emotional stability and encourages us to use our energies constructively to achieve our dreams and to pursue our heart's desires.

Chocolate Calcite is a stone of change and transformation, opening us to a world of new adventures and opportunities, which we should embrace in order to fulfill our destiny.

Affirmation:  I am open to all that the Universe has to offer me

Zodiac :      Cancer

Element :    Earth

Chakra :      Root

Crystal System :  Trigonal

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