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Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone

Suz E Bee Candles

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Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone
Lapis Lazuli Tumble Stone

Lapis Lazuli

Confidence - Honesty - Integrity

Lapis Lazuli is a protection stone, used to ward off negativity and is associated with opening the Third Eye Chakra. It assists by bringing clarity, focus and objectivity to our thoughts. It helps us to speak our truth and inspires confidence, helping us to express our feelings and emotions. It encourages us to live our best life, honestly and authentically, with integrity and compassion. It draws on our personal power & guides us through new ventures.

It is used to encourage self - awareness, self - confidence, self - knowledge, peace and harmony, compassion, morality, putting the wearer in a good mood throughout the day.

Affirmation:  Every day, in every way I am connecting to the Universe.

Zodiac :   Libra, Sagittarius, Taurus & Virgo

Element :    Water

Chakra :     Throat, Third Eye

Crystal System :  Rhombohedral

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