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Troellite Tumble

Suz E Bee Candles

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Troellite Tumble
Troellite Tumble
Troellite Tumble


Stone of Awakening

Spirit - Awakening - Meditation

Trolleite is the ‘Stone of Awakening’, with an amazingly high vibration that connects us with our Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides, encouraging us to fully awaken to our souls potential. Used in mediation & journaling, this stone aids in opening us up to hear our inner voice and recognize external signs send by our guides. It allows us to access our inner wisdom and inspires, motivates and attracts opportunities to live our best lives.

Rare and beautiful, Trolleite provides us with inner strength and courage, so that we can confront our fears, promoting unity and reminds us of the interconnectedness of everything.

Affirmation:     I listen to the Universal Wisdom that is inside us all.

Zodiac :           All Zodiacs

Element :         Water

Chakra :           Throat, Crown

Crystal System : Trigonal

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