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My Winter Warming Elixir

Suzanne Blakestone

I was lucky enough to be gifted a recipe for a winter warming elixir and, having had a cold and feeling really run down last week I couldn't drink enough of this.
This is batch #3. I have gone rogue from the original recipe and have also added chilli and garlic to the mix.
I'm a coffee lover but have noticed that I'm going for a big mug of this instead of coffee (very unusual).
For those of you who would like my recipe, here it is:
Lemons 🍋
Honey 🐝
Whole cloves
Star anise
Optional: garlic and chilli
Put all ingredients into a large saucepan and heat gently over a few hours. Taste regularly and tweak ingredients as needed.
I don't do measurements (following specific instructions isn't me). I make A LOT and I like it strong.
I did make the mistake of adding in oranges in Batch #2. Not doing that again... Blerk 😜
I then let it cool, strain into a large glass container and refrigerate.
Then I just ladle what I'd like into a saucepan add some more lemon juice, honey and water to taste if needed. Warm gently and enjoy.
I have been making fresh batches every two - three days.
Enjoy 💛🐝💛🐝💛

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