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Honeycomb Pillar Candle

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Honeycomb Pillar Candle
Honeycomb Pillar Candle

Honeycomb Design Poured Beeswax Candle

80 hours burn time - decorated with high definition honeycomb design

If you like your honeycomb patterns to be bold and showy, these are the perfect candles for you. No delicate lacy rolled looks here - these deep honeycomb grooves make a standout declaration of their true colours.

With an 80 hour burn time, these exquisite candles are the perfect housewarming gifts for men of all ages, or for a unique engagement present.

As these candles burn, the flame will highlight the honeycomb design from the inside, creating a dazzling display piece.  Match them with our hexagon pillars in a variety of shapes for a geometrical candelabra of delight.

You won't be disappointed with these high quality, hand-poured candles, made from Australia's purest beeswax sourced from the Hunter Valley area.


  • Height: 15 cms 
  • Width: 5.5 cms
  • Burn time: 80 hours 


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