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Honey Calcite Raw (#4406)

Suz E Bee Candles

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Honey Calcite Raw (#4406)
Honey Calcite Raw (#4406)

Stock No.    #4406

Height:        60mm

Diameter:    80mm

Weight:        258g

Honey Calcite

Determination - Creativity - Stamina

Honey Calcite connects our Root, Sacral & Third Eye Chakras providing us with a warmth that radiates from Mother Earth’s energies. It enhances our determination along with our creative abilities so that we can achieve what we set out to do, pushing ourselves to complete difficult tasks and charging us with the energy to start & finish with determination & conviction. It aids us in being able to approach tasks with a calm, clear mind.

Honey Calcite is a symbol of healing, abundance, and prosperity.

Affirmation:   The life energy of the Universe guides me forward..

Zodiac :      Cancer

Element :    Fire, Air, Earth

Chakra :      Root, Sacral, Third Eye

Crystal System :  Trigonal with a Hexagonal

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