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Aragonite Sputnik (#4438)

Suz E Bee Candles

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Aragonite Sputnik (#4438)
Aragonite Sputnik (#4438)

Stock No.    #4438

Height:        30mm

Diameter:    40mm

Weight:        37g


Stability - Understanding - Acceptance

Aragonite is thought to bring about tolerance and flexibility to our mind, while teaching acceptance and patience. It connects us to our world and attunes us to our earth energy. It helps us in times of distress and clears away geopathic stress from our modern lives ensuring we remain in a state of ease.

Through patience and acceptance, we can better understand the role of design is our lives and accept that some difficult situations are experiences we learn and grow from. Aragonite is a wonderful companion for us when looking to make changes in our lives and needing strength and courage to do what is needed.

Affirmation:  We are all connected and made from the same energy.

Zodiac :  Capricorn

Element :  Earth

Chakra :  Root

Crystal System :  Orthorhombic

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