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Que Sera Bracelet

Suz E Bee Candles

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Que Sera Bracelet
Que Sera Bracelet

Que Sera

Stone of Spiritual Connection

Clairvoyance - Communication - Clarity

Que Sera is also known as Blue Liberite or Llanite & has a unique & powerful vibration which enhances the mental, physical, psychic & spiritual aspects of our lives. It is considered to be a Super stone, receiving energies from higher realms, connecting us with the power energy of Gaia & the Universe. This powerful psychic communication stone stimulates clairvoyance & psychic visions, enhancing intuition & connects us to our personal spirit guides.

It lets us relax, reconnect, and regain our composure. It is a grounding stone.

Affirmation:  My soul journey is all that it should be.

Zodiac:   Aquarius, Cancer & Taurus

Chakra:  All Chakras

Element:  Earth, Air, Water

Crystal System:  Trigonal

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