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Red Network Jasper Bracelet

Suz E Bee Candles

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Red Network Jasper Bracelet

Red Network Jasper

Stone of Empowerment

Healing - Empowerment - Courage

As the stone of empowerment and endurance, Red Network Jasper is known to bring us strength so that we can stand up for ourselves & resist dominance from others. A wonderful aid for people needing help to overcome domestic relationship imbalances, it provides us with the strength to set our boundaries. It also helps us to heal from emotional trauma, by calming & balancing our emotions & instills courage, stability & leadership.

It's believed to inspire a more joyful, positive attitude by waking up and energising areas of our body that are inactive and sluggish.

Affirmation: I am strong, I am powerful, I am worthy

Zodiac: Aries & Scorpio

Chakra: Root

Element:  Earth

Crystal System:  Trigonal

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