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Ruby in Zoisite Tumble

Suz E Bee Candles

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Ruby in Zoisite Tumble

Ruby in Zoisite

Stone of Manifestation

Understanding - Manifestation - Discovery

Ruby in Zoisite is a manifestation stone, providing us with the strength & guidance to accomplish our dreams. It aligns with our Heart & Third Eye Chakra, deepening our understanding of the negativity that we may harbor & how to overcome it. It is considered to be a stone of discovery, helping us who have just started our ‘awakening’ & spiritual journey to better understand ourselves & grow with the assistance of our spirit guides.

Symbolically, Ruby in Zoisite is believed to bring balance between passion and patience, allowing for spiritual growth and the courage to make changes in one's life.

Affirmation: I yield to my spirit guides, show me the path.

Zodiac :  Aries & Aquarius


Element :  Ether

Chakra :  Heart, Third eye

Crystal System :  Trigonal


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